Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Synopsis of ROLL PLAY

Here's hoping my book finds a publisher soon!
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Roll Play
An Erotic Romance

Normally content to write her fantasy novels in comfortable isolation, AMARA KENNISON arrives in Los Angeles to help turn her book, The Heart of the Sword, into a screenplay for Champion Studios. Already concerned that she is out of her element, Amara is stunned to discover that GRIFFIN CURTIS, the man who stole her heart when she was barely a teen, is the head of the studio and the sole force behind the contract deal. More surprising to her, is realizing that her feelings for him are as strong as ever.

Amara met Griffin when she watched and then participated in role playing games with her brother and his friends. She fell in love with his daring, humor, and cleverness during those long afternoons but assumed that he didn’t return her feelings, seeing her only as a kid. In truth, Griffin, who played a sorcerer during those afternoons, was equally attracted to the wild and enthusiastic Amara, but not only was she too young, she was the sister of his best friend. Before they could act on their feelings, Griffin’s family moved away. Amara never again met a man who could make her feel as special, as alive, as Griffin.

Griffin has been planning to have Amara back in his life since he left. The publication of her book and the success of his company have given him the perfect opportunity not only to invite her to come to him, but to seduce her with magic that he has discovered exists beyond the games they once played.

After a short first day meeting people and reviewing the work that has been done so far, Amara is surprised to find Griffin in her limousine prepared to take her to dinner. In the car, they share a passionate first kiss that leaves them both dazed. Conversation at dinner fluctuates between intimate and intimidating as they each struggle with surging emotions that for different reasons they are not ready to show or share.

By the time Amara arrives at her hotel, she is exhausted and ready for sleep, but another surprise awaits her. A ten-sided role playing game die inlaid with gems and accompanied by a poem tells her that Griffin has other plans for her. She rolls a ruby and is still wondering what it means when she falls asleep.

Amara next finds herself in a forest. On the branch of an apple tree is a key with a ruby. Taking the key and mounting the horse that arrives for her, Amara is taken to a nearby castle. Inside she follows lit candles to a door inlaid with a ruby that matches her key. Entering, she finds everything within the room is red, including a lacy negligee and a ruby bracelet. Shortly after changing into her gifts, Griffin joins her. In this room of dreams there is no need for them to physically or emotionally censor themselves, and they indulge in the passion that has always been real for them.

Amara wakes the next morning restless from the dream and shocked when she finds that she still wears the ruby bracelet. The jewel tells her that Griffin experienced the same night she did. She goes to the office unsure how she can face him after all they shared and said to one another in his dream realm.

Unfortunately, they are not able to see each other much at work and the days pass for Amara in a flurry of writing, rewriting and learning about the movie business. Nights pass in heated bliss as each poem and roll of the die – sapphire, emerald and amethyst – bring more vivid sexual dreams (and pieces of jewelry). Amara knows that she is feeling more confident professionally and sexually, but it is not enough for her. Games were fine when they were children. Now she wants more and if Griffin doesn’t, if he is going to leave her life again, then she needs to end things him with him. She promises herself she won’t roll the die again until she and Griffin can talk.

Amara returns to her hotel suite determined not to play any more games, but Griffin has one more surprise for her. The die has been rolled for her, this time showing a diamond. Next to it lies a final poem that sends her to the bedroom. There she finds Griffin waiting for her, tied to the bed. Amara revels in her new sexual power and her chance to be in control. Now, face to face, Griffin reveals the truth of his love for her. Amara accepts his love and final piece of jewelry – a diamond ring.
(31, 000 words)

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