Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If you can't say anything nice...

"Come sit by me," says Clairee Blecher (played by Olympia Dukakis) in STEEL MAGNOLIAS.

Of course it can be fun to sit and gossip. Yes, I've been known to do it myself, but I doubt the southern lady Clairee would approve of making those comments outloud so that others could hear them. And in this electronic age, our ability to be outloud includes writing, posting and commenting on blogs.

I didn't attend this years Romantic Times (RT) convention, but I havent been able to avoid some of the controversy that happened during and after. Blogs abound, but more... the comments to the blog go on for pages. Some nasty stones are being thrown and some good people are getting hurt.

It seems to me that some blogs can be like the tabloids. Uncensored, they comment on the the big racy/juicy/newsy stuff as if these were big, bold headlines, and if they have to "print" a retraction, that part is done smaller and more hidden. Not that it matters - the damage is done. Tempers have be raised, things have been written in the heat of the moment, feelings have been bruised.

And perhaps worse than feelings, which heal, sometimes reputations are hurt, which takes longer. Things posted on the internet can last a long time. Blogs are searchable by friends, family, fans, as well as future editors and agents. A lot of folks use screen names to hide their identity - or the names of others (there is a poster who uses Nora Robert's name and I have come to doubt that this is the famous author). I dont blame them, but I have noticed that those are the folks who make some of the most scathing comments. While the posters authority is questionable (due to the anonimity), it doesnt seem to make their comments sting less.

If there is a reason to make a public opinion of something known, I agree it should be written. There are many writers (and reporters, politicians, and humorists) whose thoughts I appreciate. It's those who talk/write to hurt or condemn for the sake of doing it that concern me. If my future fans want to know my take on something, I'll put it in a newsletter to them directly. Not somewhere more public where it can start the rumor mill running or be misrepresented.

Just like positive events aren't what leads on the evening news, positive blogs aren't the ones that get 100+ comments on a single post, hundreds of hits, and related posts on other blogs. But I'm going to hold out for the ones that do and post my comments there.

Then again - I also hope that one day we'll see the cable channel ONN - Optomist News Network, which will report on how many planes landed safely, how many kids are snug in their beds well rested and fed, how many people fell in love, and how great it is that tomorrow is a new day waiting to be filled by our positive choices.

No wonder I write books with happily ever after endings.

Optomistically yours,Rowan

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dreaming about the future

A year ago, my first book ROLL PLAY was newly accepted and I was just finishing signing the contracts. It was released in August 2007. And now as the Romantic Times conference goes on in Pittsburgh without me... I can't help thinking about the future.

Next year at this time I want
- to be at the RT in Orlando
- to have at least one (and preferably more) print book to sign
- to have at least three new e-books on my back list
- to have a new laptop computer
- to have my writing income support my travels!

Those are definitely my writing goals.

Nothing else new here, fans. I've submitted a new book to Ellora's Cave and I am waiting to hear back from my editor and I'm working on a very sexy retelling of the Cinderella story.

Hope your spring finds you and your dreams blossoming!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Spring - Happy News

Hello friends,

Spring is here, well sort of, and I am working away on several new stories. Having this dream career has been as wonderful as I hoped.

*ROLL PLAY continues to sell 7 months after it's release.

* My first print story will appear in September 2008 in Ellora's Cave JEWELS OF THE NILE anthology, one of four annual anthologies they do. RETURN TO XANDER is the story of Mia Belmont and Xander Alessio and how Mia learns that been seen for who she is and taking risks for love is worth it.

* Ellora's Cave's editors have their own blog called REDLINES AND DEADLINES. They have been discussing strong opening lines of books and in their March 27th, Thursday 13 list, the opening of ROLL PLAY was listed as one of their "Starts That Sell". You can read it at: I'm number 8, and thrilled to have made the list.

* My dark fiction story, PRAY, (written as R.E. Gofstein) will appear in the Dark Hart anthology TERRIBLE BEAUTY, which will be available early this fall. It is the story of a hollywood mom (think Lindsay Lohan's mom) who will do anything to protect her child - even bargain with a demon. It is a very different story for me, one that was challenging to write.

* I will be submitting a new story for consideration to EC at the end of next week. If they like it, you'll see DESTINY'S JEWEL available this September as part of their birthstone series. Kiera starts the book as a naked sushi platter and ends up the captive of a very sexy alien.

And that's the news from here. I hope you, too, are passionately pursuing your dreams.