Friday, August 10, 2007

Top 10 Reasons To Read eBooks

10. Save a tree - read online
9. You can change your font size to be able to read it clearer.
8. If you do print it out, you can bring it to the beach and now worry about it getting wet or sandy. Just print another when you get home.
7. Do you like reading in the bathtub? Once again, no worries about it getting wet.
6. Price. As it says on the Ellora's Cave website. Books are getting expensive, and I firmly believe it shoould never be a luxury to buy I book.
5. You can get it as soon as you buy it. No driving in bad weather. No waiting for delivery. I love instant gratification.
4. They take up less space. Read online, keep or delete as you wish. Want to print a hard copy? Only do so for the books you love best.
3. It's fun to try new things. Your kids will think you're cool. Well... maybe
2. Some great writers are available this way 'cause the NY houses only want to publish sure things. And some new popular NY writers (Jaci Burton, Sylvia Day, Cheynne Mccray) all started this way.

and the number one reason?

1. 'Cause that's the only way to read ROLL PLAY on August 17th.

Ok... that last one was totally biased, but hey, it's my blog... I get to write about my book :D

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well... I havent been very good about blogging, have I?

You'd think a writer would be a better blogger. But this is still rather new for me, so I am just getting into the swing of things. Since my last blog...
1) Ellora's Cave... BOUGHT ROLL PLAY. Yahoooooooooooooo!
2) ROLL PLAY is being published on August 17th
3) I joined Passion's Muses ( with several other authors to help get the word out about mine and their books.

I couldnt be happier about all the things that are happening in my life. And I promise to blog more regularly :D